By Talia Kishinevsky


The winding pathway to college acceptance is certainly not a road less taken. Many students like myself are struggling with grades, test scores, letters, signatures, and time itself. But this is not an unfamiliar stress, or a temporary one. Early into it, this is made clear – that the admissions process, like all other processes and systems of the same gravitas, are undeniably essential to ones growth. Without this taste of real but fleeting stress, we are unprepared for the permanent stresses of daily adult life.

So amidst the stress of college applications and all my other stresses, like dealing with my annoying brothers’ constant nagging, or trying to not let my parents step on my last nerve when the get on my case about “leaving the nest,” I try to make time to find a happy place. Without this, I fall victim to overbearing stress. Finding a happy place has provided me with an escape from the pressures of the world, and a time to focus on myself.

Surprisingly, I have found my happy place in my own home, in my own bathroom, soaking in my own tub. When I lock myself in there I can finally forget the responsibilities of my life always fighting for my constant attention.

Recently, a family friend introduced me to a brand of bath bombs I had never heard of before: Naked Reverie. At first I thought it was an interesting name, but I later found it to be more than appropriate. It captures the moments when I lose myself in my private oasis. I unwrapped a Sublime Agave scented bath bomb and in the blink of an eye found myself swinging in a hammock in the warm breeze, bathing in the tropical sun, and floating to the treetops. Stress was past me, below me, nowhere to be found.

When I come out of the dream and back to reality, I am able to hold on to my happy place throughout the busy day as the calming fragrance lingers on my skin. I return to my responsibilities refreshed and ready, my skin soft, my scent fresh, and my mind clear.

What’s your happy place?

Editors Notes:
We would like to thank Talia for her submission to this blog. We believe when you share your stories of the ways you strip away your daily stresses and ways of letting go it inspires others to take some much needed “Me Time” and gives them ideas they never thought of before.

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