Dave Rodriguez, EdD (aka Dr. Dave), is a sexual health and wellness educator dedicated to providing you with knowledge and information on products and services to improve your relationships. With a commitment to deliver the best products, he set out to create a high-end quality brand of products that are not only safe for your body, but also the environment. And thus, the Naked Reverie brand was born.

About Dr. Dave

Dr. Dave is primarily a sexual health and wellness educator, researcher, and life coach in Ventura, CA. He has his Doctorate of Education in Human Sexuality and has over 11 years of experience in Testing and Evaluation. As a Certified Sexological Bodyworker he provides somatic sex education. He specializes in educating people on female pelvic pain disorders. He is available for speaking engagements, as an expert witness, coaching, and consulting. He is also a retired veteran.

Human sexuality is a multi-disciplinary field. It touches on anatomy, physiology, psychology, anthropology, as well as many other fields. Dr. Dave and his team seek to provide you with the accurate sexual health and wellness knowledge and information needed to improve your relationships. This is accomplished through researching, interviewing, reporting on, and teaching about sexual health and wellness products and services.


Wonderfully Scented!

I was looking for some more naturally scented bath bombs to relax after a long day of work, so tried a few different brands I found on Amazon. These are by far my favorite!! They're not crazy pungent, but they smell wonderful and leave a light scent on your skin after soaking. Definitely recommend!

Dawn H.

Great quality!

They are good quality, smell nice and last a long time. They leave your skin feeling amazing afterwards too! I just wish they made the water look pretty.

Gina R. Fields

Natural essential oil bath bombs, heaven in the tub!

Hi, just purchased these for myself and a special friend in Canada. The smell, the feel in my bath was like being in a spa. My skin was left so soft, I love this product!

Orly Shamir

Soothing and Calming Bath!

Leaves skin soft and smells great!

Elle M

Long lasting scent! Love these!

I'm obsessed with taking baths and using bath bombs almost nightly as a relaxing bath routine. I'm always interested in organic products - Naked Reverie is my favorite brand so far - and for bombs, I want a relaxing experience. I'm looking for a long lasting fizz, wonderful long lasting scent (not overpowering) and soft skin and these did all of that!

Amazon customer

Loved these!

These bath bombs are absolutely exceeding my expectations. Fizzes way longer than other bath bombs I've used and leaves your skin smooth and smelling amazing and also had zero residue left on the bath tub which was also a huge plus. These will definitely be my new go-to bath bombs!

Taylor B

I got this as a gift for my sisters. They loved them!